Plagiarism Inc: For Sale

Jordan Kavoosi is getting out of the essay-writing racket.

Kavoosi, owner of Apple Valley-based Essay Writing Company and subject of our June 30 cover story, recently sent out an e-mail to a few of his writers announcing plans to sell the business. The asking price listed in the e-mail is $100,000.

The 24-year-old's business model is simple. For $23 per page, one of his employees will write an essay for you on any topic. For the right price, he'll even commission a writer to take your online class or test in your name. The problem, according to many of Kavoosi's writers, is that he often fails to pay on time. Or at all.

Earlier this summer, the future looked bright for Kavoosi's business. In interviews with City Pages, he talked about plans to move to a new location in the Burnsville Mall to attract more foot traffic. He was also looking to add to his staff of writers and had considered upping his prices. "I want to be like a big LA Fitness," said Kavoosi, "where people can just come in here, play video games, get their homework done. Ya know? That's like everyone's dream."

Kavoosi listed an interest to break into retail as his reason for selling in the e-mail:

EWC is up for sale - selling the business - best fit for a owner that is a writer. If your interested please email back. Labor is to much and looking to sell possibly. Asking price is 100K considering you can do all the work yourself and make tons a profit if your a writer.

What Do You Get - You get all 3 sites PR 2 PR 4 PR 3

I will explain to you how to market on Google so you will get the business and all aspects / also you will get my contacts to the new marketing company jumping on board.

Also bought a 3,800 sign you can get that for the Retail Front Its on our website contact us page

Can Show Proof Of Income If Interested. Gross Income In last 6-7 months we have done 160K in sales. Marketing Costs 1500 month - Summer Months 3000-4000K month - School Seasons

This business is best fit for someone who can do the work themselves and outsourcing the work to American writers when its busy.

The reason why I'm interested in selling.

I don't write and cant cut back on labor without effecting quality. Want to do retail business to get out of writing service business.

For more on Kavoosi, check out his somewhat bizarre Youtube repertoire and some content and photos that didn't make it in the feature.

Have a hundred-grand laying around and looking to buy the business? Contact Kavoosi here: [email protected]

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