Place: Everyday People Clothing Exchange

Frat boys, drag queens, Oasis roadies, and college girls are shopping at the fine purveyor of fine used apparel known as Everyday People Clothing Exchange (323 14th Ave. SE, Minneapolis; 623-9095), which is as au courant as Nissan Pathfinders, case-study houses, and feng shui.

The 2,100-square-foot Dinkytown boutique is a regular stop on the bargain trail. The hip, youth-oriented inventory makes Everyday People shine against musty thrift stores and get-over-Bill Blass consignment shops. Besides second-time-around winners, the shop also stocks groovy ball chains, cheap Carrie Donovan-style sunglasses, and silver jewelry.

Even better, the 10-month-old business offers immediate cash or in-store credit for clothing, providing they gain the buyer's blessing, of course. Be warned, however, the store has standards. Don't even think about trying to sell dirty socks and underwear (people do), wedding dresses, and '80s rejects.

Most items cost between $5 and $15 dollars, although leather and suede coats fetch a larger sum. Doc Martens and Nine West shoes plus clothing `a la Gap, Banana Republic, and Abercrombie fill the racks. The prices are drop-dead gorgeous. For instance, shoes run $5 and up, an Abercrombie shirt sells for $6, a DKNY skirt carries a $8 price tag, and a pair of Gap shoes costs $6. You'll never pay retail again.

Everyday People is Kitty and Liza Youngscap's baby. The children of a French-teaching mother and insurance-investigating father, they began the thrifting life during junior high, shopping regularly at Omaha's fabulous Second Chance vintage emporium. Later, the sisters headed for the University of Kansas in happening Lawrence, where Kitty studied English lit and Liza gained an education degree.

The inevitable real world came after graduation day--the women moved to Kansas City, where Kitty ran the Beauty Warehouse and Liza toiled at Arizona Trading Company used clothing shop. Next the two sisters moved northward in search of the American entrepreneurial dream. "Minneapolis is where it's at," says the gregarious Kitty, while the forthright Liza adds, "Besides there wasn't a shop like this here."

The Youngscaps name Gucci minis, BCBG trousers, and Todd Oldham skirts as big-time Everyday winners. Still, used-clothes shopping is tricky business. Most of the stuff is run-of-the-mall, but the dig is half the fun. Besides, savvy shoppers always mix thrift with new. Otherwise you'll look like an old bag.

So, gals, buy a used tank top, pair them a pair of DKNY Capri pants and Weitzman flats. Amazing. Similarly, fellas, score a pair of Everyday People cargo pants and match it with a brand new cashmere V-neck. Astonishing. The shifting assortment at Everyday People, however, requires regular visits: The good stuff doesn't stick.

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