Pissed about a rainy day? Blame God


If you've ever had a really downer of a day because of some terrible rain storm or blizzard or those pesky tornados, there is no one better to blame than God. Have you ever tried to explain the weather as your way to think God's thoughts after him?

This is your chance to understand weather from God's POV. He's got some crazy feelings (bipiolar perhaps?) and Northwestern College is all over it. Learn more tonight.

The Twin Cities Creation Science Association is having an event tonight called "God's Design in Weather" (PDF). Thank Pharyngula for the notice.

Here is what Julie Von Vett will discuss:

Weather is more talked about than any other topic. God has arranged the weather system on the earth. There are patterns to this weather. How does a tornado form? What causes hurricanes? Why aren't raindrops larger? Science is about finding patterns and then predicting what will happen. The study of weather allows us to think God's thoughts after him.
Event details:

Tuesday, April 21, 7:30 pm

Northwestern College, 3003 North Snelling, Roseville

Totino Fine Arts Center, Room F2128 (Old F116)

Open to the public

Is God also to blame for the cold front of gay people taking us by storm? Because pretty soon, gay people will be falling from the sky. Onto our homes. Onto our churches. And onto our families. The gay rain army just won't stop. Yep, it's totally God's fault.