Pirates arrrrrr not joking around


You probably missed International Talk Like a Pirate Day(like most normal people), but now you are bummed out you didn't get to participate in pirate shenanigans. Well the Twin Cities Costumers Guild is giving you a second chance during their Pirates and Ninjas picnic and game day this weekend. We're sure it will be a park of uber nerds fake fighting and reliving their high school theater days. But nonetheless, we encourage you to participate. Go change your Facebook profile language to "English (Pirate)" to get some practice.

But pirates are no laughing matter...

Yes, pirates still exist and they are absolutely frightening. They've resurfaced in the news lately after the New York Times reported that pirates had taken over a ship with $30 million worth of grenade launchers, piles of ammunition and battle tanks off the coast of Somalia. The hijacking got the attention of the U.S. Navy who were in hot pursuit of the ship on Friday.

As of Sunday, the ship had been located and Associated Press reports say the pirates want a $20 million ransom for the ship and they will "fight to the death" if they are attacked.

We encourage picnic participants to avoid acting like "real" pirates, because frankly you might ruin the fun. Real pirates don't fight ninjas after all.

Here are the picnic details:

Dress up as your favorite Pirate or Ninja, pack a picnic lunch, and come for games in the park:

Saturday, October 4th from 11:00 am - 4:00 pm Hidden Falls Park, St. Paul North Gate Picnic Pavilion area

This event is free and open to all. Email questions to the Costumers Guild.

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