PiPress mom blog jilted in online journalism awards

PiPress mom blog jilted in online journalism awards
Photo by Roo Reynolds
The Daily Juggle, "the blog from moms in the Pioneer Press newsroom," was the only Minnesota entry in a new online journalism awards program this year. Sadly, it's creators didn't bring home the prize for best "Online Commentary/Blogging, Medium Site."

The award went to Christopher Buckley at The Daily Beast, a news site launched by former New Yorker editor Tina Brown. Buckley, son of the late conservative icon William F. Buckley Jr., penned what the Online News Association gushed was perhaps "the most important blog entry of 2008: Sorry Dad, I'm voting for Obama."

Wow. Out of all the millions of words written all over the place about the 2008 presidential race? Really? 

"[It was] one of the key moments of the U.S. Presidential campaign," the ONA opined. "This walked the fine line between commentary and traditional blogging. Terrific writing. There was a use on occasion of photos, links to video -- adding another level. But the writing is what puts some of what he's doing in a different category. He is bringing great writing chops to this format and figuring out how to write for it."

Well, sez ONA anyway. We'll stick with the PiPress ladies.

You can check out all the winners, with links, here at ONA.

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