Pioneer Press won't be outsourcing their copy desk, for now

The company that owns the Pioneer Press, MediaNews, had floated the idea of outsourcing copy desks and other parts of the traditional newsroom overseas as a way to save some cash. After some consideration, company CEO Dean Singleton says it isn't going to happen. At least not any time soon.

Our sister paper, the Denver Westword, got the scoop during their interviews for a story about the Rocky Mountain News, which is also owned by MediaNews.

Singleton's made footprints in India, too. But he says some of the things he talked about a couple of months ago won't be coming to fruition -- in the near term, at least. 

"We are doing pre-press work in India and have been doing it for more than two years -- and it's worked very well," Singleton says. "We've explored outsourcing copy editing and page makeup in India, too, but we probably won't do that. I think we're finding we can consolidate within our newspapers and get the same savings we can offshore. We probably won't put any news operations there -- and we weren't talking about reporting and editing. We were talking about copy editing and page design, and I think we've found we can do it just as well ourselves here. 

"Would we do it if it made a lot of sense?" he asks. "Sure we would. It doesn't mean we're going to -- but we're not alone in thinking about it. I happened to be the one giving the speech, but virtually every newspaper company in America is exploring the same thing."