Pioneer Press newsroom spoofs itself in "It's A Wonderful Life"

Pioneer Press staffers took note of the tough times in the news business these days with a little dramatic license at their annual Christmas party, re-imaging the classic movie "It's A Wonderful Life," as a tale of Fourth Estate woe and nobility in the Twin Cities.

In the process, they obliterate Maplewood.

And they had the decency to post the video.

Fred Melo, as the narrator: "The Angel took them to the northern edge of their city. What once had been a comfortable surburb was now a smoking hole in the ground."

Emily Gurnon, as Reporter # 2: "What happened to 3M and Maplewood Mall and Highway 36?"

Bob Shaw, as the Angel: "Look around you. The place that used to be known as Maplewood is now one gigantic crater. Because there was no reporter to cover the City Hall's endless feuds, Diana Longrie's faction acquired WMDs and used them against the incumbents."

MinnPost's David Brauer has the full transcript.

Here's the video:

"It's a Wonderful Job" from Ben Garvin on Vimeo.

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