Pioneer Press misspells Michele Bachmann's name in headline

Who is this "Michelle Bachmann" you speak of?

Who is this "Michelle Bachmann" you speak of?

With the flurry of new press attention for Michele Bachmann, there will also be a lot of ink-stained wretches with egg on their face as they make the common mistake of adding an extra "l" to the congresswoman's first name.

But we didn't think that it would happen to a hometown newspaper like the Pioneer Press!

In this case, the article originated with the Washington Post, so that may have been where the error happened. Michele's first name is spelled correctly throughout the text, so it may have been the copy editor equivalent of a brain fart.
Check out the screen-grabs as someone in St. Paul rushes to fix the typo:

Lots of national media are making the same mistake:

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