Pioneer Press corrects Kline endorsement

On Saturday the St. Paul Pioneer Press corrected its endorsement of incumbent Rep. John Kline in Minnesota's second congressional district, saying that the endorsement had mistakenly blamed Kline's opponent, former FBI whistleblower Coleen Rowley, for producing a misleading negative video about Kline. Turns out the video was made by a local liberal blogger, Mike McIntee, who offered it to the Rowley campaign. He says Rowley declined to use the piece, saying she didn't like negative campaigns. The editorial was penned by a conservative blogger, Craig Westover.


The PiPress correction is here. McIntee's account is here. And Westover's blog is here. All three add up to an interesting glimpse into the paper's endorsement process.

Then again, maybe it's a simple case of a couple of partisans going overboard in favor of their causes.

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