Pioneer Press cites fake Charles Barkley in story


Pioneer Press sportswriter, Don Seeholzer, cited a blog post from the website Sir Charles in Charge in a recent story. But it looks like he forgot one important check: to see if the blog is actually written by Charles Barkley. 

Within his story about potential Timberwolves coaches he name checks Barkley:

Barkley pitches Harris: ESPN/ABC analyst Mark Jackson is the presumed favorite to become the Timberwolves' coach, but Charles Barkley, on his Web site (, made a pitch for former NBA coach Del Harris."I like the idea of Harris coaching the Wolves because it's not like this team is going to compete for a championship any time soon," Barkley blogged. "Harris just turned 72. Let him work with these young cats for the next two seasons while he grooms one of his assistants to take over for him."Barkley follows with a long list of players Harris helped develop during with the Lakers, from Nick Van Exel and Eddie Jones to Derek Fisher and Kobe Bryant, and notes, "I've never been a fan of young coaches coaching young teams."

The website, Sir Charles in Charge, makes note of an apparent gaffe:

Forget that the referenced post was titled "Uncontested Shots - NBA News, Notes, and Observations From a Self-Described B-Ball Geek," with "By Andrew Ungvari" listed right underneath the post title in bold font. Forget that Barkley himself has talked about being a caveman technologically. Forget how much money it would take for the Sports Network to get the Chuckster to blog.Throw all of that out the window, baby. If the site is named after Sir Charles, it must be Sir Charles' site! Simple logic.Sorry, Don Seeholzer, but I see holes in your journalism. Sorry, couldn't resist. But, seriously, how did you miss all of those signs? Furthermore, why not drop the owners of the site an e-mail just to cover your ass and do a little fact-checking? And what about the editors? Does Pioneer Press/ even have editors? Are they working today? If so, are they sober?

Sir Charles in Charge still has the screen grab. It's blowing up on the sports blogs right now. And Seeholzer is so totally not in Chuck's fave-five.