Pioneer Press and Star Tribune link fingers

The Pioneer Press and Star Tribune have decided to [sorta] join forces. Now, this isn't like Batman and the Green Arrow combining forces, but more like Batman and Superman picking each other up after taking a beating from Doomsday. The western beast of journalism will pay the eastern beast of journalism to deliver their papers to western Wisconsin and parts of Washington County. Strib officials say this was done before their bankruptcy filing.

So the one time rivals are now cooperating. And hey, we're all for cooperation. We just watched the inaugural. It's time to join together. And you can be sure the Pio is happy:

"It's strictly a business decision to make," said Mike Bucsko, chairman of the Inter-Plant Council, a coalition of unions at Twin Cities papers. "The Star Tribune obviously is paying the Pioneer Press and the Pioneer Press is reaping the financial rewards."

Now, does this hint at a future merger? Well, who knows. But...

If the deal works out -- there are production hurdles to overcome -- there may be an opportunity for additional partnerships of the same sort, [Bucsko] said.

If the added partnerships allow the dailies to survive then... awesome. And the deal makes a whole lot of common sense, though we suppose the independent drivers who are SOL disagree. But like everywhere else in journalism, the whole game right now is wait and see who crawls out alive.