Pimps and Ho's: Bachmann sends best newsletter of the week


Rep. Michele Bachmann knows how to pull statements out of right field, left field, any field these days. And her latest email update to supporters pretty much summed it up better than we could ever imagine.

You know it's going to be a good day when you see this subject line in your email inbox: ACORN's giving tax advice to prostitutes and pimps?

Can't get much better than that.

So we open the email feeling pure joy for what is to come in the email. Prostitutes, prostitution rings, ACORN. We were looking for something good to get the juices flowing.

And then Bachmann hits us with a total downer 9/11 statement. We came for the prostitutes and now we have to get all sad about terrorist attacks?

First, of all on this very solemn day, please take a moment to pray for those who lost their lives in the terrorist attacks against our nation on September 11, 2001 and to pray for the loved ones they left behind and to pray for those who defend our nation against those who would do us harm today.
Way to throw us off. But then the excitement picks back up again as she starts claiming that Democrats don't want to talk about the issues. We're not quite sure how both political parties are able to pull off saying the exact same statement about the other side, but it's happening.
The Democrats are losing when it comes to a debate on the issues and on facts, so they have to resort to demonizing their opponents.

I was in Colorado recently and I made a speech on health care reform. I spoke for nearly 45 minutes about freedom and health care and our gangster government and the economy. You can see the full video here.

But, the Democrats just want to talk about one line where I said that we as freedom-loving conservatives must do all we can to stop this rush to socialism.

You mean that whole slitting wrists thing? Yeah, that was totally not a big deal. If you worded it the way you did up above, people might not have given you the attention you so crave.

She goes on to rip on Obama's health care speech:

The President's speech on Wednesday was just the same plan you have already rejected wrapped up in the President's charisma.

They can't argue on the facts or the issues, so they have to make it about personalities and they have to paint strong conservatives like me and as evil, uninformed, or crazy. They simply can't understand that there are people out there like you that don't buy their policy prescriptions and that there are people like me who will stand up for you in Congress.

So where are the prostitutes and ACORN? Oh, at the very bottom of the pile.
Did you see the latest news on ACORN?

The Miami Herald reported on Wednesday that the "FBI and state authorities were making arrests" of 11 people "suspected of falsifying information" on nearly 900 voter registration forms.

Then, later in the week, CNN reported that 2 ACORN employees were filmed helping set up a prostitution ring in Baltimore:

ACORN workers suggest to stop saying "prostitution," use "performing artist" on tax forms

So, why is Congress trying to make $10 billion in your money available to ACORN?

How Bachmann managed to cram all of that into one readable letter to supporters is beyond impressive. It's amazing. Throw enough shit against a wall and eventually one of the turds will stick.

Read the full letter here.