Pigeons accused of attacking NWA plane after MSP takeoff


Northwest Airlines was probably hoping for a smooth transition into Delta Air Lines, but that won't be happening if distracted pilots and pigeons have any say in it.

After Northwest had a flurry of bad press in the last two weeks when two pilots missed the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport by 150 miles while using personal computers in the cockpit, the airline has more unfortunate news. At least this time you can't blame the airline for the mishap.

NWA Flight 195 took off from MSP Saturday afternoon heading for Las Vegas when a flock of pigeons allegedly attacked the plane. The pilot announced the bird strike about 15 minutes into the flight and decided to return to MSP because of suspected engine damage. The plane landed safely and there were no injuries in the incident. The passengers experienced a two-hour delay due to the attack.

Well, if there's any flock of birds worth sucking into an engine and spitting out into little shreds, we vote pigeons. Good job, NWA. You're making the Twin Cities a better place to live.