Pig spleen weather forecaster Norbert Schulz says winter's going suck

Not a weather forecaster? Think again.

Not a weather forecaster? Think again.

Who needs perfectly coiffed TV weather jockeys when you have 83-year-old Norbert Schulz in overalls, a trucker's cap and pig spleen bigger than a loaf of bread?

The bigger the pig spleen, he says, the nastier winter will be. This year, the Jamestown, N.D., farmer says, the northern midwest winter will start off fine, "then she's going to turn real mean."


Schulz would likely be dismissed as some crazy old farmer out on the plains if it weren't for the fact that his forecast method was so accurate. Last year, for example, he read his spleens and predicted a cold and snowy December that the National Weather Service in Bismarck said was pretty much spot on.

And he's not alone. A Saskatchewan farmer named Gus Wickstrom has been relying on the pig spleen forecast for years, and the Old Farmer's Almanac says he gets the weather right, too.

We're going to take Schulz at his word, and buy a new shovel this week.