Pierre Collins Arrested for the Murder of His 10-Year-Old Son Barway

Law enforcement are expected to come forward with murder charges after Barway's body was recovered

Law enforcement are expected to come forward with murder charges after Barway's body was recovered

For more than three weeks police have stopped just short of telling the public that Pierre Collins was responsible for the disappearance of his 10-year-old son Barway.

Yesterday police arrested Pierre less than two days after Barway's body was recovered from the Mississippi River.

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Media camped out at Pierre's Crystal apartment building today and watched as Pierre and his wife Yamah were escorted into the back of separate unmarked cars and whisked away around noon.

Shortly after that, Crystal police issued a press release confirming Pierre Collins had been arrested for second-degree murder. He's currently waiting to be charged at the Hennepin County Jail in downtown Minneapolis. No word on whether Yamah will be charged.

Crystal police have been calling out Pierre from the very beginning for not being honest about Barway's disappearance, even as he made the rounds adamantly professing his innocence to the local and national media.

About a week ago Pierre quit speaking to the media, instead relying on local pastor Harding Smith to act as a family spokesperson. Smith says Pierre told him he was at Cub Foods in Brooklyn Center getting groceries with his other children when Barway disappeared.

That contradicts video from Barway's school van showing him say, "there's my dad," followed by "oh, my uncle's here" shortly before his disappearance on March 18.

There was no trace of Barway until Saturday, when a Boy Scout group found him floating face-up in the Mississippi River about 10 feet from shore. Crystal police say they have "electronic evidence" indicating Pierre was in the area where Barway was found when the boy went missing.

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