Piece of paper gets stuck on piece of trash [VIDEO]

Donald Trump at MSP Airport: hate when that happens.

Donald Trump at MSP Airport: hate when that happens. NBC News

 Hate when that happens. 

And by "that," we mean when a could-be-great country elects someone like Donald Trump

He showed up in Minnesota this week. City Pages didn't cover that Rochester speech, but we do think this small moment captured at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport is noteworthy. 

We'd say "not since Larry Craig," but in clearer hindsight soliciting a same-sex hook-up isn't all that embarrassing. Treating and talking about people the way Donald Trump does (read this; this; this; reader: those are from this week) is, or should be, if we've got a shred of decency left.

Another measure of decency: being GOP U.S. Rep. Jason Lewis (noted for bravery, and exiting stage forward in other angles of this same clip) or  Jim Hagedorn (same!). Or literally anyone else in this car and not finding the courage to say: "Excuse me, Mr. President, it looks like something's on your shoe."

Are people around Donald Trump so afraid of his ego they couldn't mention something so simple?

Are they so resentful of their boss they wouldn't, because they want him to be embarassed globally?

Are they, too, so narcissistic, they wouldn't even catch the president was about to climb onto Air Force One in full view of American cameras with either toilet paper or a napkin clinging to his shoe?

No one's going to answer those questions. But today's a day for asking about things people don't  want to talk about.