Pickup plummets from overpass to icy pond, driver somehow survives [VIDEO]

Talk about having a crappy morning...
Talk about having a crappy morning...

-- Update at bottom, including video --

There hasn't been much precipitation in recent days, but frozen Twin Cities roads are still slick as snot this morning.

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It's a lesson the person driving the pickup truck in the above traffic camera image learned in the hardest of ways this morning, as their vehicle plummeted from the overpass all the way down to the icy pond below. (The incident occurred at the intersection of Interstate 694 and Interstate 35E in Little Canada.)

Miraculously and thankfully, WCCO reports that the driver "managed to walk away from the vehicle with only minor injuries." That makes us wonder about the truck's make and model, as it must've been quite the sturdy vehicle!

:::: UPDATE ::::

Here's a photo of the truck in question:

:::: UPDATE II ::::

MnDOT has released video of the pickup careening off the overpass. Here it is:

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