Phygen Coatings, Inc. receives earmark love

Finances are looking good for Phygen Coatings, Inc. The Minneapolis-based company is pioneering research on plasma sterilization. They're hoping to produce a device that would make it easy for medics to sterilize equipment in the field. Currently, no lightweight devices exist.

Phygen also has powerful folks looking out for them. Representatives Betty McCollum and Keith Ellison requested a total of $7.8 million (Ellison $3.8 million. McCollum $4 million.) in appropriations, also called "earmarks," for the company's plasma sterilization project. David C. Bell, President and CEO of Phygen, must be happy with their decision. He donated a total of $2,500 to their campaigns.

 Bell made a $250 donation to Ellison, and $2,250 to McCollum, among others.
"I really don't know anything about Phygen and donations to our campaign," says Rick Jauret, senior policy advisor and communications director for Ellison. "I do know that any appropriation is a serious process. Each appropriation must meet a certain criteria. It's pretty stringent."
Jauret also noted the two appropriations made by the representatives will probably get lumped into a single sum. That sum will most likely be lower than the $7.8 million in total requests.
Phygen also accompanied Ellison on his recent trade mission to Saudi Arabia.