Phi Gamma Delta sexual assault is 3rd for U of M frats in 3 weeks

Another U frat is the scene of a sexual assault.

Another U frat is the scene of a sexual assault.

So much for clamping down on frat house booze and security issues ahead of homecoming.

Minneapolis police say a woman was sexually assaulted at the University of Minnesota's Phi Gamma Delta fraternity house on Thursday night.

That means there have now been three such assaults in three weeks. It also means the end, for now, of booze-lubricated frat parties.


But will it help? After a man trapped a 20-year-old woman in a bathroom at Delta Kappa Epsilon a three weekends ago, the Interfraternity Council tried to get its members to take security issues seriously.

The following weekend, 19-year-old female student told police she woke up with injuries after being raped at Chi Psi Fraternity. After that incident, police warned students to lay off the booze and be smart about where they partied, especially on the eve of homecoming.

The third attack came just days after the campus alert. So whatever the campus and its students are trying to do to keep safe, it's not working. Maybe the frat party ban, approved by the Interfraternity Council will do the job.

There have been no arrests in any of the attacks.