Petters tries to squash haters by purchasing

Haters of Tom Petters will have to be a little more creative if they are going to create a Web site based on their disgust for him.

The Wall Street Journal has an interesting piece about some of the domain names Petters bought up to squash haters from talking smack as he sits in jail accused of a $3.5 billion Ponzi scheme.

Petters owns along with some other interesting sites.

You can't silence them, Petters!

Petters has shown his extreme sensitivities to people ripping on him. His lawyers hope to move his trial outside of Minnesota because they claim Petters has no chance of getting a fair trial.

The WSJ found some of these domains on bankruptcy court documents. There are no web pages attached to the domain names, so Petters likely bought them to stop critics from creating sites to tear him apart. His heart is ripping in jail as we speak.

More from WSJ:

The anti-Peters web addresses are among 127 domain names that Petters Co. is seeking to transfer to Polaroid Corp., another Petters-controlled company that's operating under bankruptcy-court protection.

Most of the other sites Petters is seeking to hand over are variations on the Polaroid brand name and many link to

Court documents listed a total of 355 domain names that were registered to Petters, certain Petters subsidiaries or Polaroid.

While is pretty hilarious, the Polaroid ones had us in tears. Here are some of the domains they own: "," "," and "" Petters has quite the future ahead of him online.