Petters on tape: Mob might kill me


During the Tom Petters trial today, prosecutors played a tape recorded during the final days before his businesses collapsed where Petters says he fears that some of his investors might be connected to the mob and would kill him if he didn't pay them off.

The recording, from Sept. 22, 2008, was created by Petters whistleblower Deanna Coleman and played during her testimony.

From the Star Tribune:

"We're at a breaking point," Petters said on the tape. "I can't stand where we are. ... None of us are OK. ... We've got problems. I'm trying as hard as I can to find a way out of this. I don't think we can all think clearly anymore."

He said he was afraid that Robert Sabes and his son Jon, who authorities say had invested $17 million to $19 million with Petters at the time of Petters' collapse, might kill him.

"Jon Sabes needs to calm down a bit," Petters said, adding that he believed he was connected to organized crime. "They are bad, bad people. I think he'd kill me."

Read the rest of the Star Tribune report here. And check back later tonight for a recap from Ken Avidor with courtroom sketches.