Peter Robert Stibal, accused Boy Scout molester, goes on trial

Peter Robert Stibal sounds like the Boy Scout leader from hell: A 45-year-old man accused of leveraging the trust of Burnsville kids in order to sexually molest them.

Now the allegations against the man are being heard in open court.

The former Catholic youth group leader and substitute bus driver for special-needs kids became Troop 650 scoutmaster in 2003, holding the post until his arrest in October 2009.

One scout swears that when he was at a Stearns County Boy Scout Camp with Stibal, he woke up one night to find his jeans unzipped and Stibal stroking his penis. Three other troop members swore to equally nauseating experiences at drive-in movies, Stibal's house, and his cabin.

Kiddie porn was found on his computer after his arrest, and one of his victims said a he saw a video in which one child performs oral sex on another, but that case is going to be tried separately.

Stibal's trial on the sexual assault charges opened in Dakota County this week. One former scout testified that he didn't tell anyone of Stibal's abuse for years because he was afraid of the shame it would bring to the troop, and he only came forward because saw Stibal laying the groundwork for more abuse with other kids.

"I had strong, strong suspicions that I was not the only victim of Peter Stibal -- that he was terrorizing and victimizing other Scouts," the alleged victim testified.

Stibal denies the charges.

Peter Robert Stibal.
Peter Robert Stibal.


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