Peter Rickmyer, Minneapolis pedophile, slapped as frivolous litigant

Peter Rickmyer, the Level 3 sex offender who has plagued his Jordan neighbors with an avalanche of legal filings, is not allowed to sue anymore, at least not without prior approval, a judge ruled this week.

Rickmyer sued members of the Jordan Area Community Council, the police inspector for the neighborhood precinct, and John Hoff, who runs the Johnny Northside blog, for allegedly violating his rights. Specifically, Rickmyer was mad that two JACC members had come to his house, as we wrote about in our March story on the guy.

Rickmyer filed a rambling, 94-page document outlining his complaints.

Because Rickmyer is considered in forma pauperis by the courts (too poor to pay for the normal costs of lawsuits), he had a right to have Hennepin County Sheriff's deputies serve the lawsuit on the defendants (although John Hoff famously dodged being served).

Now, a judge has declared Rickmyer a frivolous litigant. He can't sue, unless he is represented by an attorney and the Chief or Presiding Judge approves the complaint. Here's a snippet from the judge's decision:

In the present case, Plaintiff has used a great deal of Court time and resources with his numerous filings. Plaintiff, seemingly consumed by this litigation, has regularly made daily filings of documents, phone calls, and chamber visits. This greatly exceeds the level of contact in an average civil case. Plaintiff's repeated use of the Sheriff's Department for service of routine filings also needlessly uses manpower and strains an already limited budget. Furthermore, Plaintiff's IFP status allows him to use the courts as a weapon against his alleged antagonists without cost to himself...

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