Peter Magrath shares tragic details of Deborah Howell's death

It's not often that a news story brings on the threat of tears, but this one did it.

Peter Magrath, the husband of journalism luminary Deborah Howell, provides the tragic details of the traffic accident that killed her.

As difficult as it no doubt is for him to relive the trauma so soon, Magrath explains Howell would have insisted on it.

Mr Magrath, a former University of Minnesota president, agreed to talk to The Marlborough Express, because his wife always told him to face reporters.

"You don't have to answer questions, but I would dishonour her if I didn't talk to reporters," Mr Magrath said.

The story confirms Nick Coleman's account that Howell was in the process of taking a photograph when the accident happened.

Mr Magrath said the couple were being transferred to accommodation by Marlborough Travel when his wife asked the driver to stop, because she wanted to take a photograph on Rapaura Rd.

"She got out of the car. I think she looked the wrong way - right instead of left.

"I didn't see it happen, but all of a sudden I knew."

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