Pete Hegseth rips Betsy Hodges for plan to (gasp!) give a speech in a mosque [VIDEO]

Pete Hegseth's super power is being afraid of a city even when he's far away from it.

Pete Hegseth's super power is being afraid of a city even when he's far away from it.

 At the start of a segment on Wednesday morning's Fox & Friends, host Brian Kilmeade tries to set up contributor Pete Hegseth as an expert.

"So," Kilmeade begins, "you know this area very well..."

This is not, strictly speaking, true. The "area" in that sentence is Minneapolis.

When last we saw Hegseth's Twin Cities knowledge on display, he was trying to claim it's "hard" to find English speakers in the Cedar-Riverside neighborhood. This is obvious bullshit to anyone who's ever been to that neighborhood, but works just fine to spook the Shariah-obsessed Fox News watcher in Michigan, Arizona, or Florida.

Hegseth appeared on Fox & Friends (a must-watch for folks who periodically interrupt breakfast to check the front lawn for Mexican immigrants or ISIS invasion) to expertly speculate on the story of Abdullah N. Alrifahe, the 27-year-old Minneapolis man arrested earlier this month with a shitload of guns, a grenade, and what might've been the makings of an explosive device.

It's a scary enough situation as it is, and could raise questions about how this Alrifahe fellow (who already has a weapons possession conviction, from 2016) was able to assemble such a murderous collection of toys.

Or, if you're Pete Hegseth, it raises the question: Why isn't this guy in Somalia? 

"Why are people who have come here -- as a privilege, to be an American -- after mutliple criminal offenses, staying here?"

Hegseth added, helpfully, "I think it's a very important question."

(Pssst, Pete? It's supposed to be the host who compliments your question.) 

Hegseth goes on to say he doesn't "think" Alrifahe had come to the attention of homeland security prior to this arrest. 

"Minneapolis has been on edge about the potential for a domestic terrorist attack."

Have we? This is news to us here in Minneapolis. Seems like this week a lot more people are worried about whether it's going to rain during this weekend's Art-A-Whirl festival.

Well, anyway, you heard the man, Minneapolis: 1.) Find an edge, and 2.) get on it! 

Kilmeade refers to ... some "people" (Alrifahe and his associate? Terrorists? Somalis?) as "potential voters" for "elected officials," opening the door for Hegseth to make his grand, sweeping statement about "the left." 

Says Hegseth:

"Mayor Betsy Hodges of Minneapolis is going to deliver her state of the city address in a mosque in Minneapolis. This is the left doing everything they can to fall over themselves to fawn over a new community. Listen, we have always welcomed new immigrants and refugees, but we need to make sure we do is they assimilate and show allegiance to this country. Unfortunately a lot of enclaves and certain places haven't done that as much as you would want, or shown an allegiance or a willingness to go fight with al-Shabaab."


It's nice of Hegseth to mention that "we have always welcomed new immigrants and refugees" in America. It's not true -- not even close -- but isn't it nice to think about it?

In announcing she'd hold her 2017 State of the City at Masjid an-Nur (translation: "Mosque of the Light"), Hodges explained she was reaching out to an immigrant community "under attack from the highest levels of the federal government."

And the lowest levels of national television.