Pesky Constitution still causing problems

Texas Republican blames "judicial activism" for courthouse violence

We thought that a defendant without a viable defense and a deranged man were behind the courthouse killing of a judge and bystanders in Atlanta and of a Chicago judge's mother and husband. But Sen. John Cornyn apparently knows better: Monday he proclaimed judges themselves to blame, for "making political decisions yet [being] unaccountable to the public," according to an uncharacteristically blistering editorial in today's New York Times.

Echoes of the political hijacking of the Terri Schiavo case hung in the air as Mr. Cornyn spoke, just days after the House majority leader, Tom DeLay, vengefully vowed that "the time will come" to make the judges who resisted the Congressional Republicans' gruesome deathbed intrusion "answer for their behavior." Trying to intimidate judges used to be a crime, not a bombastic cudgel for cynical politicians.

Read the rest of the Times' editorial here.

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