Percy Harvin says migraines sparked by sleep apnea


The NFL won't let Percy Harvin, or any other player, beat migraines by burning down a joint. But he may have found another way to inhale legally: He's been diagnosed with sleep apnea and has started to use a special breathing machine at night.

Harvin was carted off the Winter Park practice field last month after puking and collapsing from a migraine attack that left his status on the team an open question as the season opened against New Orleans. He notched just a single catch and carry in that loss.

But he tells APthat he hasn't had a migraine since he started using the nighttime breathing machine on a doctor's orders. Sleep apnea is a condition in which a person stops breathing temporarily while sleeping, and doctors think it may be related to Harvin's migraines.

That's good news for the Vikes, because Harvin was Brett Favre's second-favorite target last year after Sidney Rice -- and Rice is still hobbling around on crutches following hip surgery.

Such is the team's offensive unsteadiness that it's taking a look at four free agent receivers tomorrow: Reggie Brown, Sam Aiken, Demetrius Williams, and Ruvell Martin.

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