Percy Harvin back at training camp [UPDATE]

Percy Harvin's teammates had never witnessed such a dramatic collapse
Percy Harvin's teammates had never witnessed such a dramatic collapse

Update: Harvin's out of the hospital and back on the sideline. Details after the jump.

The official word from Vikings Coach Brad Childress on wide receiver Percy Harvin's migraine collapse was that, "Percy appreciates everyone's concern. He is alert and resting comfortably, but will remain in the hospital overnight."

That was a pretty dry statement following the drama out at Winter Park yesterday. While Harvin's life-long chronic migraines and his pre-NFL use of marijuana for relief are now common knowledge, his teammates and coaches had never seen him brought down so dramatically -- right in front of their eyes.

"I could see the start of one coming on before, but certainly nothing to that magnitude," Childress said later. "Obviously, that one hit and it hit hard. It's always scary for all of our guys when you see a teammate struggling."

These are guys who train their bodies into god-like gladiator shape and routinely play through soul-crushing pain. They're proud of how tough they can be. So when Pro Bowler Harvin collapsed for no obvious reason Thursday, it clearly shook them up.

The 22-year-old had simply looked up at the sky to field a punt. Then he trembled. He vomited. And while his downcast teammates looked on, he was hoisted onto an ambulance. Later, a few of them knelt in prayer.

What this means for the team is anyone's guess; it certainly kills the buzz this week surrounding quarterback Brett Favre's return. Harvin had already sat out two weeks of training camp because of migraines this year. It's not clear at all how long this latest bout will sideline him.

Update: Now we have a partial answers.

The Strib's Judd Zugland tweets that, "Percy Harvin is back standing on the sideline talking to OC Darrell Bevell and athletic trainer Eric Sugarman." And Adam Schefter reports that the Vikings are working out former Raiders wide receiver Javon Walker today.

"Everybody came together afterwards and prayed for Percy and just hoped for the best," said defensive coordinator Leslie Frazier after Harvin's collapse. "I have been in some situations where the ambulance had to come on the field and it's never a good sight. We just hope for the best."

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