People Who Work Long Hours Are More Likely to Be Heavy Boozers

Draper and company know this

Draper and company know this

Here's something to ponder at the end of another long work week: The British Medical Journal published a study on Tuesday showing people who work more than 48 hours per week are much more likely to be "risky drinkers."

Risky drinkers are defined as men having more than 21 drinks per week and women having more than 14 drinks per week. Does this mean the "work hard, play hard" mantra now has some science behind it? See also: A's Clinch Against Twins, Celebrate With Beer-Drinking Baby

The study's authors analyzed dozens of studies from around the world and found workaholics are about 13 percent more likely to party hard. That number would likely be much higher for Americans because the United States uses a much lower threshold (14 drinks per week for men, seven for women) to classify the problem.

Researchers didn't find any correlation between heavy drinking and race, sex, or income level, just work.

The study tosses out several theories. Namely, it's a quick way to alleviate stress and people who work a ton may have personality traits that make them more susceptible to binge drinking.

Feel free to come up with your own theories. But it's Friday, so we'll be reading your responses at the bar.

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