Penis gluer Therese Ziemann countersues her victim

Therese Ziemann the Wisconsin penis gluer is back in the news. She's filed a countersuit against her philandering ex-boyfriend, Donessa Davis.

Ziemann, Wendy Sewell and Michelle Belliveau learned last summer from Donessa's wife, Tracy Hood-Davis, that he'd been cheating on all of them. So they hatched a plan and Ziemann lured Davis to a motel in Stockbridge last year.

Once he was there, she bound him to the bed with the promise of sex, pulled out a cell phone and called in the posse of his other two-timed girlfriends.

The meeting "was just going to be for us to see his face, to let him see that we all knew about each other, and the gig was up," Ziemann told NBC. "But things transpired that changed the events that happened that night."

By the time they were finished, Davis had his penis stuck to his abdomen with Krazy Glue. And his humiliation was splattered all over the press.

Ziemann and her friends were convicted and sentenced to probation. But that wasn't the end of the matter. Davis sued Ziemann in civil court, first representing himself in a rather ramshackle performance. Then he hired Milwaukee attorney Nicholas Petty.

A new complaint was filed: assault and battery and intentional affliction of emotional distress. New allegations were made: Davis says Ziemann gave him wine spiked with a date rape drug, GBH, and Xanax. And Davis is seeking an unspecified monetary award.

Ziemann's now countersued, more or less accusing Davis of being a serial freeloader and bullshit artist, and contradicting sworn testimony in criminal court.

She says she and the other women are the real victims here. He'll see her in court.

Last year, Ziemann told MSNBC she and the other women -- and not the guy with the commitment issues-- were the real victims in the story.

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