Pedal Pub crashes near Mill Ruins Park, riders taken away on stretchers [PHOTOS]

A Pedal Pub during happier times.
A Pedal Pub during happier times.

:::: UPDATE :::: Pedal Pub crash: Top 10 jokes

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This afternoon, a Pedal Pub tipped in the area of Mill Ruins Park on the north side of downtown Minneapolis. Some riders were reportedly injured.

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The news was broken by bystanders on social media who happened to witness the crash and its aftermath.

Here's a screengrab of an Instagram photo posted by Ryan Walseth (click to enlarge):

And this photo was tweeted by Anne Danovic (she later said the accident occurred at the intersection of 1st Street and 5th Avenue by the RiverWest condo building):

That's all we know for now. We'll update as more information becomes available.

:::: UPDATES ::::

KSTP has tweeted an aerial photo of the crash scene:

Meanwhile, for other Pedal Pubs, it's apparently business as usual:

WCCO provides more information about the circumstances of the crash and resulting injuries:

The pedal pub, which is a mobile bar that navigates city streets powered by the cycling moves of its riders, was going down a hill while heading east on South First Street.

The pub was going to fast [sic], authorities said, when it tried to make a turn to the right to go up Fifth Avenue.

The pub tipped over, spilling its riders onto the street. Authorities said 10 people received scrapes.

'CCO also tweeted out this picture:

And from Rochelle Olson:

The Star Tribune reports that "one person suffered serious enough injuries to be taken to the hospital."

(For more updates, click to page two.)

More from Bill Lunn:

Lunn also couldn't resist cracking a little joke (he's since deleted this tweet):

Here's another photo of the aftermath tweeted out by KARE. KARE reports that two riders were taken to the hospital, while most other media outlets are saying just one was seriously injured enough to warrant a trip to HCMC:

And from Fox 9's Seth Kaplan:

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