Pedal for MJ? Free spinning tribute to King of Pop


We're all having trouble figuring out how to cope with the loss of Michael Jackson. Drunken "Billie Jean" karaoke attempt? Tried it. Imitation moon walks at the Pride Parade? Failed. A good day with the Jackson 5 VH1 movie and a box of tissues? We're better than that.

Well we think we've found the solution to your MJ depression. Why not ride it out with a bunch of fellow super fans while MJ belts it out in the background? Done and done.

Pedal Studios in Minneapolis is offering two one-hour Michael Jackson tribute rides. For free! Sweat out the pain, Jacko lovers.

More info on the rides:

Tonight (June 29) and Thursday (July 2) at 6:45 pm

Free! The rides are first-come, first-serve.

Pedal Studios

21 5th St NE

Minneapolis, MN 55413