Peavey Plaza reopens after temporary shutdown

Peavey Plaza reopens after temporary shutdown

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    Peavey Plaza in downtown Minneapolis is open again following a temporary shutdown to allow city officials to clean up after a group of homeless people.

    For more than a year now, Peavey has been a hub for the Occupy MN movement. But in the past few months, police and businesses in the area have been noticing fewer protestors and more vagrants moving in.

    In turn, it seems an increase in crime has followed. So far in 2012, calls to service and arrests in the park have skyrocketed, reports the Star Tribune.

    The amount of homeless people in Peavey has also become a talking point for those who support the controversial plan to demolish the park.

    Earlier this year, the city went to the Minneapolis Heritage and Preservation Committee with a proposal to level Peavey. After being denied, the city successfully appealed the plan to the City Council.

    Among other things, proponents of the demolition say Peavey doesn't comply with handicap accessibility laws. In its place, the city has drawn up plans for a sleek, modern park.

    But the plan for demolition has been met with criticism from preservationists. Most recently, two advocacy groups filed a lawsuit against the city, arguing that Peavey is a historic resource, and protected under federal law.

    We'll see if this week's news does anything to sway public opinion.

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