Peanuts on a plane: Minn. food allergy group disappointed in NWA change


The Food Allergy Support Group of MN spoke out today against Northwest's recent decision to begin serving a peanut snack on airplanes again. The change is one part of the ongoing merger between Northwest and Delta Air Lines.

The group says they are "deeply" disappointed" by the new snack choice and hopes the companies will reconsider the decision.

The announcement had people around the country getting pretty riled up. There are those that can't breathe a whiff of peanut without going into a serious reaction. And then there those that can't eat enough peanuts. Man, some people really love peanuts. Such a silly food item sure has people at the throats of others.

More from the FASGMN statement:

Peanut allergies have increased significantly and are one of the most common food allergies. Unfortunately, it also is one of the most dangerous, since peanuts are more likely to cause serious allergic reactions such as anaphylaxis. To prevent life threatening reactions, it is necessary for these individuals to avoid all forms of exposure to peanut protein. This requires avoidance of multiple sources of the food allergen including, for some, airborne exposure.

FASGMN does appreciate the recognition by Northwest and Delta that peanut allergies are a grave health concern and acknowledges that accommodation efforts, such as peanut-free buffer zone seating, are available. However, FASGMN strongly encourages Northwest and Delta to revisit their decision to offer peanuts as an in-flight snack. With so many other snack options available which pose no severe adverse health effects, it is unfortunate that Northwest and Delta have made this decision.