Peanut butter recall hits consumers

Peanut butter recall hits consumers

The peanut butter salmonella outbreak was previously thought to only be a problem in schools and nursing homes. Now some companies that sell peanut butter products are recalling items as a precaution. The outbreak has caused deaths in Minnesota and elsewhere. 

Kemps, located in St. Paul, was one of those companies to voluntarily recall products just in case. Read the most recent recall lists below.

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"This recall is precautionary only," the company said in a statement. "The company has not received any illness complaints about these products." 
Kemps says that consumers should return the items to where they were bought for a full refund. All products manufactured before January 30 are affected by the recall. 
For more information, called Kemps Consumer Affairs at 1-800-726-6455

Read the full list of Kemps products recalled here

Other products, including Walgreens candies, have been recalled as well. Read the list here.  

In other words, be careful about products you eat containing peanut butter. Check the full FDA list for more companies doing voluntary recalls.

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