Pawlenty's website broadcasts cryptic "coming soon" message as VP speculation mounts

Is T-Paw's site being readied for a VP run?
Is T-Paw's site being readied for a VP run?

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Tim Pawlenty's website is... coming soon?

Web browsers seeking the hottest T-Paw news from the official source reached a cryptic message yesterday. Rather than being greeted by the smiling mug of Minnesota's former governor, they received the following cryptic message: "Please come back later." Holy Mittens, could it be a sign of big announcements to come?

Pawlenty offered no public explanation about what's up with his website, but speculation he'll end up as Romney's VP choice continues to mount. For one, it appears T-Paw will be getting a lot of face-time this Sunday on the national political talk shows.

From Associated Press political reporter Brian Bakst:

Tomorrow, Pawlenty is scheduled to attend a New Hampshire Republican Party ice cream social (a $20 ice cream social, really?)... and some think he'll arrive in Manchester already coronated as Romney's choice.

Mitt is set to embark on an 11-state bus tour today, to conclude Sunday in Florida. Might he announce his VP pick before hitting the road? A Race 4 2012 blog post published Wednesday thinks that's a strong possibility:

I happened across an interesting tidbit this afternoon while searching for Romney's public schedule on Friday (which, quite interestingly, still remains undisclosed).

... Up until now, the media coverage has been about a bus tour beginning August 11 in Virginia. If a Romney aide now confirms that the bus tour actually is beginning on Friday, shouldn't that be big news?

And if that aforementioned bus tour actually begins on Friday, but not a single event on Friday has been made public yet, shouldn't that pique some interest?

I report, you decide...

Also on Wednesday, a confident-sounding Pawlenty assured reporters they'll know the identity of Mitt's VP choice "soon enough." Could this all be a coincidence?

The suspense will indeed end soon, possibly today, but more likely after Mitt's road trip -- after all, from a talkability standpoint, it' makes sense to save the VP announcement until after the Olympics wrap up this Sunday and the news cycle is a bit slower.

But in any case, there's a strong possibility that whenever T-Paw's website is back up and running, it'll feature the smiling mug of the 2012 GOP vice presidential candidate.

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