Pawlenty's Obama diaper joke stinks on Fox & Friends [VIDEO]

You know you've gone too far criticizing President Barack Obama when even Fox News trashes your rhetoric as "bad for the country."

But Tim Pawlenty will try anything to get noticed as he edges toward a run for the White House, while trying to shuck the Minnesota Nice and Boring label.

In case you missed it, T-Paw went on Dennis Miller's radio show and called Obama a coward with bladder control issues.

"I think what happens now is the intelligence folks come in and brief him in the morning and he's looking for a pair of Depends," Pawlenty deadpanned.

Those are pretty big words from the former governor of a midwestern state who's never led the country into war, but they're part of a media rollout that's included bad jokes about Lady Gaga and Charlie Sheen, and those silly campaign ads posing as action hero movie trailers.

They also help deflect everyone's attention from bad calls over pardoning sex offenders, and drunken field staffers.

"For the most part, Tim Pawlenty's a nice guy. Not anymore. Listen to this," Fox & Friends host Gretchen Carlson said this morning, introducing the audio clip.

When it was over, Brian Kilmeade wasn't amused.

"I think that's a little out of hand. I don't think that's appropriate, do you? He represents America," Kilmeade said. "I think that's bad for the country."

But it's all part of the Pawlenty strategy, Carlson added. "The question is, is that acceptable?"


(Hat tip: Mediaite)

Tim Pawlenty, action hero:


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