Pawlenty's Death Cult and Coleman's Face

Among the truths T-Paw holds self-evident: Death panels

Among the truths T-Paw holds self-evident: Death panels

We used to respect Gov. Tim Pawlenty for his ability to talk reasonably, keep his mouth shut on overly controversial topics, and generally represent himself as a decent Republican on national TV. We'll admit he did a pretty good job staying mostly in the middle during the Senate recount. Now we're starting to wonder what happened to good old T-Paw from Minnesota.

First he took a stand against President Obama's speech to students, calling it uninvited and forced into schools. He was even concerned that letters from children sent to the president could be compiled into some sort of database for indoctrination.

Now Pawlenty is a borderline deather. He appeared on MSNBC's Morning Joe to talk about Obama's health care reform plan and got on the topic of death panels. He didn't exactly deny that they could happen. He admitted the current bill wouldn't create death panels, but said they could be happening in 10 years to help lower costs.

"Now, does the bill say there's death panels? No," Pawlenty said, before leaving the bounds of reason behind. "Does the bill say that somebody's actually going to, you know, say you have to live or die? No. But the indirect concerns that I'm raising, and others have raised, are not irrational. So we can have an informed, reasonable debate about that without one side or the other just calling each other names."

Pimps up, hos down

Rep. Michele Bachmann knows how to pull statements out of right field, left field, any field these days. And her latest email update to supporters pretty much summed it up better than we could ever imagine.

You know it's going to be a good day when you see this subject line in your email inbox: ACORN's giving tax advice to prostitutes and pimps?

Can't get much better than that.

So we open the email feeling pure joy for what is to come. Prostitutes, prostitution rings, ACORN. We were looking for something good to get the juices flowing.

And then Bachmann hits us with a total downer 9/11 statement. We came for the prostitutes and now we have to get all sad about terrorist attacks?

Way to throw us off. But then the excitement picks back up again.

"I was in Colorado recently and I made a speech on health care reform. I spoke for nearly 45 minutes about freedom and health care and our gangster government and the economy," Bachmann writes.

So where are the prostitutes and ACORN? Oh, at the very bottom of the pile.

"Did you see the latest news on ACORN? The Miami Herald reported on Wednesday that the 'FBI and state authorities were making arrests' of 11 people 'suspected of falsifying information' on nearly 900 voter registration forms.

"Then, later in the week, CNN reported that two ACORN employees were filmed helping set up a prostitution ring in Baltimore."

How Bachmann managed to cram all of that into one letter to supporters is beyond impressive. It's amazing. Throw enough shit against a wall and eventually one of the turds will stick.

Coleman's frozen face

Former Sen. Norm Coleman was been diagnosed with Bell's palsy, a condition that led to temporary paralysis on the left side of his face. The paralysis occurs when nerves leading to that part of his face become inflamed.

Coleman broke the news in an exclusive video on BringMeTheNews, a new online news source created by former KARE-11 anchor Rick Kupchella. The full video interview was posted on Sunday when the site officially launched.

Coleman says his doctors expect a full recovery, which can take up to eight weeks. He first noticed it on a flight from Washington, D.C., to Minneapolis on September 2. He realized something was wrong when other passengers would come up to talk to him and he was only able to smile on one side of his face.

"It puts a lot of things in perspective—my smile is a part of me. I love to smile, and to all of sudden—part of your face isn't working as it used to. The good news is it will," he said.

Don't cuss in Winona

People in Winona should probably start watching their language now that the police have resorted to pulling out an obscure and ancient law to bust people who piss them off. Or citizens could just avoid swearing at cops in general.

A 19-year-old Winona man was cited last week for swearing in public after he started yelling cuss words at police when they gave him a ticket for underage drinking.

The law dates back to an 1887 city code that made it illegal to curse in public.

Lucas Charles Wilcox could face up to 90 days in jail and a $1,000 fine for the misdemeanor. Police say he was walking down the street cursing at officers who could hear him a block away.

The law is rarely enforced, and one legal expert says it might not hold up if challenged due to First Amendment rights. The law is so broad it could be used against people performing a play in a park.

The code states: "No person shall, in the city, in any place of public resort or within the hearing of other persons, use any obscene language."