Pawlenty's approval rating on the decline


In the latest poll about Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty's job performance, his approval rating hit the lowest level since October 2006. The SurveyUSA poll, conducted February 20-22, reports Pawlenty's statewide support at 48 percent.

We could speculate all day about what is causing his declining approval: bad economy, horrific state debt, he's a Republican, his lack of support for President Obama's stimulus plan. But Pawlenty's stats aren't as bad as some other governors, says Smart Politics.

More from Smart Politics:

(The latest approval rating is) the lowest out of nearly three-dozen polls conducted since a mid-October 2006 survey in the midst of Pawlenty's reelection battle with DFLer Mike Hatch. The new numbers are also the third lowest for the Governor out of 54 polls conducted since late Summer 2005.

Forty-four percent of Minnesotans currently disapprove of the Governor's performance. The Governor's approval rating dropped from 53 percent in SurveyUSA's January poll, while his disapproval rating increased three points from 41 percent.

The good news for Pawlenty: the approval ratings for governors in 11 of the 14 states tracked also dropped. Pawlenty has the 5th highest approval rating of those governors and 11 of the 14 are Democrats.

MNPublius says Pawlenty's approval rating has been slipping for months. In November, Pawlenty at a 58 percent approval rating with 38 percent disapproving. Those numbers continued to get worse in the months following.