Pawlenty's a no-show for his own rally; Bachmann takes stage


Republicans held a rally at the Capitol on Monday to support Gov. Tim Pawlenty's proposed constitutional amendment to cap state government spending, but T-Paw was nowhere in sight. Instead, U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann, a former state senator, revved up the Republican faithful and trashed "out of control" government spending.

Pawlenty's Spending Accountability Amendment would limit the state general fund budget to the level of revenue actually received during the previous budget period -- a standard he never met in any budget he submitted as governor.

T-Paw wants the amendment placed on the 2010 ballot, but it will have to win approval from the Legislature first. DFL leaders are already dismissing it as little more than a publcity stunt aimed at bolstering Pawlenty's national profile for a possible White House run on 2012.

Pawlenty, meanwhile, is on a trade mission in Latin America with Minnesota business leaders.