Pawlenty: Yep, the GOP has 'bottomed out'


We're just proud to see our very own Gov. Tim Pawlenty admitting the truth. During an interview with Politico, Pawlenty announced what the whole country already knew: the GOP has bottomed out and has some serious fixing to do to survive.

Sounds like the Repubs were steamrolled by the Hope Express. toot toot. Next stop: Socialism (right Bachmann?!)

More from Politico:
"It's kind of like asking whether the stock market has bottomed out," he said of whether the party had reached its political nadir. "I think it has bottomed out - in terms of it getting worse, at least, but we have a lot of work to do." I also asked him about the ongoing controversy over Rush Limbaugh's place in the GOP. "I don't think the Republican Party has one leader right now - that's also a good thing , by the way," he said.