Pawlenty V: Pawlenty Harder [VIDEO]

This strangely lit man will save us from certain doom.

This strangely lit man will save us from certain doom.

It feels like it's been a long time since he left us without a dope clip to step to. But Tim Pawlenty is making it right with a brand new installment of his blockbuster campaign video series.

This one doesn't disappoint. After seeming to falter, Pawlenty's ad franchise is now seriously hitting its stride.


As the lights come up, that ominous metal-on-metal lurching sound we know and fear from horror movies tells us that this is going to be a scary one. Lightning strikes the White House and we hear Barack Obama intoning one of his most spectacularly stupid platitudes: "It's time to win the future."

A lesser man would use this clip to rip the president for his empty nonsense in the face of crisis, but not Pawlenty. Instead, our boy takes Obama's insipid utterance as a stupidity challenge, and replies in kind with an even more ludicrous ludicrous piece of hokum. As desaturated shots of foreclosed neighborhoods reel by, the disembodied voice of the great and terrible Pawlenty asks:

"I've got a question for you: How can America win the future when we're losing the present?"

Ooh, this is fun! Can we all play? I've got one: uh, "What future can our present have, if we've already lost the past?"

Even this shifty-looking guy says times are tough!

Even this shifty-looking guy says times are tough!

But the ad moves right along -- Gas prices high! Families are struggling! And then, the master-stroke: Paul Krugman, the King of the Liberal Beardfaces himself, doesn't even like how things are going!

"Washington has given up on the jobs picture," Krugman says, just as the advertisement descends into the inevitable entropic clatter of its own formula.

And then, like a ray of sunshine after a storm at sea, the stern but reassuring face of Tim Pawlenty, who intones "In order for America to take a new direction, it's going to take a new president." Finis.

Altogether, this may be PawlentyVision's best to date. Someone has clearly been reading their Goebbels.

Unfortunately, while Krugman is no "I'm In" Obama sycophant, he's even less of a fan of Pawlentynomics.

After learning of his inclusion in Pawlenty's ad yesterday, Krugman hit back with a pithy blog post.

"Nobody in Washington is doing anything about job creation," he wrote. "However, Republicans are working quite hard on job destruction."

Then he calls out Pawlenty as such an economic numbskull that he got suckered by an already debunked talking point.

Not to worry, though -- Krugman's riposte is in boring old text. Pawlenty has the full power of a 30-second multi-sensory assault.

We can't wait for our next taste.

Here's the video.

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