Pawlenty to Kaine: Bug off, it's out of my hands


Democratic National Committee Chairman Tim Kaine wrote a letter to Gov. Tim Pawlenty asking him to sign the election certificate for Al Franken or ask Norm Coleman to concede so Minnesota can have full representation in Washington. Read his letter here.

Pawlenty responded Wednesday with a letter kindly explaining the laws of Minnesota and how the case is currently out of his hands.

But can't he still be a good Minnesotan and ask Coleman to concede to save both of their asses?

While Pawlenty says he understands "the frustrations of my fellow Minnesotans who rightfully deserve to be represented by two senators," he went on to explain that legally he can't do anything about the Senate fight right now.

He noted a state Supreme Court ruling in the case that said "'state law does not require, indeed does not permit, issuance of a certificate of election until the election contest in state court is completed."

"In your letter, you asked that I commit to signing an election certificate 'as soon as the Court issues a ruling.' As a fellow Governor and attorney, I am sure you can appreciate that such a commitment would be premature. For example, the Minnesota Supreme Court might remand the case to the three-judge panel and ask them to consider various issues that were raised in the election contest. Under such a circumstance, Minnesota law would prohibit the issuance of an election certificate."
Read Pawlenty's full letter here.