Pawlenty tells MSNBC's Matthews to "calm down"


Gov. Tim Pawlenty is soaking up the TV spots this week as everyone quickly forgets about President-elect Barack Obama and looks ahead to 2012. Now that Obama is doing real things, like hiring his administration and talking serious, that's boring. Unless we start gossiping about what kind of pup he is going to own or what Gov. Sarah Palin is cooking for dinner.

Pawlenty appeared on MSNBC's Hardball with Chris Matthews yesterday. After our favorite Rep. Michele Bachmann disaster, we were hoping for the best, but both of them held their own in a very passive-aggressive mess. Pawlenty calls Matthews a "bad editor" after he tries to summarize and spin Pawlenty's words. Then the Guv tells him to "calm down" after Matthews keeps pushing him on a future presidential win. And to top it off, he calls Matthews "unbelievable".

What a trip. We are very impressed Pawlenty kept his cool and played his insults off as jokes. That's a president in the making, right?

Check out the video below.

Later in the evening, Pawlenty came up again on MSNBC. This time Keith Olbermann mentioned him in his daily list of "World People in the World". (via MinnPost)

Is all of this publicity good for Pawlenty? We're already getting burnt out with him and his attempt to rise to the top.