Pawlenty takes one for the team, put on a good face for Palin

Before the vice presidential debate last night, Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty spoke on UK's Sky News about Gov. Sarah Palin and not being picked for the spot. We're still convinced he's a little sour, but he sure puts on a heckuva fake smile and has those talking points memorized like no one else.

Watch the video after the jump.

Pawlenty repeated the exact same words we heard in practically every sentence Palin uttered: maverick, reformer, executive experience, fresh face. Pawlenty also repeated the Republican statement that Palin has more executive experience than Sen. Barack Obama. Wait, does Sen. John McCain have executive experience then?

"Stylistically, she's got many, many strengths," Pawlenty says. "Substantively, she's got an executive leadership. There's a confidence there that's decisive, that I think is crisp."

Pawlenty said he found out he wasn't picked when McCain interrupted his breakfast with a phone call. Sad.

We can't wait to see Pawlenty go on a rampage if McCain wins and doesn't give Pawlenty a spot in his administration. Everyone has to go through a rough relationship sometime. You just have to let them fall flat so they can learn the lesson on their own.

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