Pawlenty sounding more Republican than ever

Gov. Tim Pawlenty, still denying the fact that he is even thinking about a bid for president in 2012, is sure sounding like a national Republican these days. It's almost like we could write his presidential profile for him this very instant. That's kind of boring. What happened to the surprises, the originality, the mullet?

In an interview with the Washington Times this weekend, Pawlenty laid down some of his main views on the "top" national campaign issues.

But in a surprising move, Pawlenty actually defended President Obama, just briefly. He didn't give him any grief for going to Copenhagen to advocate for the Olympics in his hometown. There's so common sense if we've heard it.More from the Washington Times:

The two-term governor, in an interview with The Washington Times, sounded most of the right base notes as a Republican who is clearly eyeing his party's 2012 presidential nomination: He equated abortion with murder, noted that the Earth is cooling, not warming, and said Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke and the Treasury secretaries in the Bush and Obama administrations were "misguided" at best in declaring certain financial and manufacturing organizations too big to be allowed to fail.

Asked whether his fellow Republicans struck a false note in jumping all over the Democratic president for making the (Olympic) pitch in person, along with the first lady, Mr. Pawlenty said, "It's fine for a governor or president to advocate for his or state or nation. People ought to lighten up about it."

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