Pawlenty: Senate race could take "a few more months"


Gov. Tim Pawlenty appeared on MSNBC Monday to continue talking about Minnesota's U.S. Senate race and the steps ahead. Pawlenty must sign an election certificate before either candidate is named the certified winner in the race, so his opinion on the matter is important.

His main points: The race won't be over for "a few more months" when the appeals process is over and don't count Norm Coleman out just yet. He deserves a chance too. Watch the videos and read the transcript below.

Talking Points Memo features his "few more months" quote in their video:

Watch the full interview here.

The transcript:

O'DONNELL: If this three-judge panel tomorrow, after counting these ballots, says that Al Franken has the lead, will you sign the election certificate that makes him Senator Al Franken? GOV. PAWLENTY: The Minnesota Supreme Court said, in a recent decision, that a certificate shouldn't issue or -- isn't likely that it should issue until the state court process has run its course. That would include the appellate process. It's pretty clear one side or the other's going to take that next step and it wouldn't be appropriate for me or anyone else to step in front of it. It's frustrating that this is taking so long. But we need a proper and just and accurate and legal result and it looks look it's going to take a few more months to get that. O'DONNELL: A few more months, huh? I know that you mention the appellate process. But what about, you know, the Republican leaders in the U.S. Senate here, John Cornyn, Mitch McConnell? They're encouraging Senator Coleman to take this all the way to the U.S. Supreme court. How would Minnesotans feel about the US Supreme Court deciding this? GOV. PAWLENTY: You shouldn't assume that Norm Coleman is going to lose the appeal. He has legitimate issues raised. That question might be asked of Al Franken. The district court process will be revealed in the next couple of weeks. Like I said, it will go to the court of appeals in all likelihood or the Supreme Court in Minnesota, the state-based system. And that might take a month or two to decide. But then that federal court process is available. I'm not saying one side or the other will take it but it shouldn't be on Norm's back. It could very well be, at that point, on Al Franken's back.