Pawlenty raiding the stimulus plan buffet

Gov. Tim Pawlenty is taking MSNBC by storm. Earlier this week he was on Rachel Maddow's show and his latest was on Hardball. He's become the Republican talking head for governors taking money from the stimulus plan.

Don't worry Minnesotans. Pawlenty can't resist grabbing for the stimulus plan's "meandering buffet".

Why are people suddenly calling governors or any lawmaker a hypocrite when they accept federal funds after refusing to support it? Since when were lawmakers supposed to refuse taking free money for their constituents when they disagreed with a bill? Pawlenty calls out the hypocrites so we don't have to.

Watch the video below.

Here is Pawlenty's best quote of the interview when he was questioned for taking federal funds after not supporting the stimulus plan:

Where was that double standard when Democratic governors or liberal governors in the past said, "I'm against military spending but I'm going to take National Guard money" or "I'm against No Child Left Behind but I'm going to take education money" or "I'm against tax cuts but I'm not going to voice objection to my citizens receiving the benefits of those cuts or credits." So let's make sure we look at that argument in its full glory.