Pawlenty proposes constitutional amendment to limit government spending


Gov. Tim Pawlenty proposed a new constitutional amendment today that would limit the state's general fund budget to the revenue received in the previous budget period.

The amendment could be on next year's ballot if legislator's approve it. Pawlenty says it would force lawmakers to stick to stronger priorities and limit spending.

His amendment text, through the Star Tribune:

"Shall the Minnesota Constitution be amended to require that state government general fund expenditures be limited to the amount of actual general fund revenues received by the state in the previous two-year budget period?"
The current system bases the state's spending on predicted revenues. He says that's a system set on guesses, just like building a house on sand. Score on the analogy, T-Paw.

Spending could be increased in some cases, such as public safety, health and national security, he says.

Although we'd like to believe Pawlenty is doing this for the good of Minnesota, we know he's got other motivations, like being the president of the United States. This amendment perfectly fits the image he is trying to create for himself as a conservative who rocks at limiting government spending. And since Pawlenty hasn't bothered doing much for Minnesota lately, we'll conclude he's just out to make a little news splash and run his hands through his mullet for all to see.

But even better than Pawlenty's political stunt... Democrats said they already hated his proposal before he even announced it. Because that makes sense?