Pawlenty PAC yet another sign of his national ambitions


As if we needed another sign that Gov. Tim Pawlenty has a one-track mind and is only thinking about being president in 2012. Supporters of Pawlenty have created a political fund-raising committee and a high-priced fundraiser dinner to start raising some cash and Pawlenty's national profile.

The event, scheduled for Nov. 4, is the kick-off for Pawlenty's political action committee, Freedom First. The dinner will take place at the Minneapolis Hilton (orgies, anyone?) and cost serious money. To have an "event chair" title, donors must raise $100,000. Individual tickets will be $5,000. Don't all sign up at once.

By the time 2012 rolls around, will there be anyone left to list to this political nonsense?

The money raised will allow Pawlenty to help other Republican campaign nationwide and help pay for his travel, payroll, and other expenses.

More from the Star Tribune:

Papers officially creating the political action committee will be with the Federal Election Commission in the coming weeks and will begin collecting cash as soon as it is formed.

Pawlenty, who ended his state fundraising committee earlier this month, said the new PAC should not be seen as confirmation of his interest in running for president.

"It is just the opposite," Pawlenty told the Star Tribune this morning. "This undertaking, as we plan it and envision it, would be to help other candidates on a federal level."

The DNC responded, calling Pawlenty a man of broken pledges:
"Tim Pawlenty is quickly becoming the definition of 'say one thing and do another'. Today's news about Pawlenty starting a political action committee is just the latest in a series of broken pledges by the Governor - first breaking his pledge to not raise taxes on the people of Minnesota, and now breaking his pledge to finish his term 'strong' as Governor. This is just more evidence that Pawlenty is, at best, a part-time Governor who cares more about his national political ambitions than the people of Minnesota."
So who really thinks Pawlenty will be the Republican presidential nominee? About half of Minnesotans, according to a recent poll.